Project Description

SWIR Camera LRSW and LRSW/HD – series

LRSW is a long range Short Wave IR (SWIR) camera with a un- cooled detector that ensures zero maintenance. SWIR wavelength is not visible to human eyes and as a result can often offer a better image than what is achievable with visible light imaging. LRSW incorporates different options of continuous zoom lenses to fulfill any range requirements. In locations where no SWIR radiation is present, a non-detectable by human eye and most cameras illuminators can be used. LRSW is enclosed in an IP66 protection housing that is able to operate in the temperature range between -32°C to 55°C and is built according to MIL-810 standards.


• No Illumination Needed LRSW is extremely sensitive to light. Night sky radiance emits up to 7 times more illumination than starlight in SWIR spectrum which enable LRSW to see objects with a high level of detail, even on moonless and starless nights.

• See Through Fog & Haze LRSW is able to penetrate fog, smoke and other atmospheric conditions. As a result it is particular useful in cities, marine and coastal protection.

• Effective for Identification Unlike thermal energy which is radiated, SWIR is a reflected energy like visible light, which makes LRSW viable for identification purposes.

• See Through Glass Unlike LWIR and MWIR thermal cameras, LRSW (SWIR) camera can see through glass

Continuous zoom lenses LRSW 750 LRSW 500 LRSW 300
Focal Length / F# 20 – 750 mm @ F/4.6 – 7.3 50 – 500 mm @ F/5 30 – 300 mm @ F/2.85 – 4.5
Field of View: continuous optical zoom 27.0° (H) x 21.7° (V) to 0.73° (H) x 0.58° (V) 10.1° (H) x 8.80° (V) to 1.10° (H) x 0.88° (V) 18.2° (H) x 14.6° (V) to 1.82° (H) x 1.46° (V)
Dimensions 710 x 240 x 200 mm 610 x 240 x 200 mm 610 x 240 x 200 mm
Weight 14 kg 14 kg 12,5 kg
Product datasheet
Multisensor systems – long range catalogue
Multisensor systems – medium range catalogue