Project Description


The MS system is equipped with a day and night vision system which allows observation in total darkness and under all weather conditions even in fog, rain or snow. This system consists of a thermal camera and a day-night high resolution camera with very high optical zoom placed on a movable pan&tilt platform. The platform is able to turn the cameras in all directions, both in azimuth and elevation and can be controlled from a remote operator or an existing command and control center.

The movable pan tilt platform is capable of extremely slow/high speed, variable speed in small steps-continuous, panoramic observation with constant speed and tour mode. All these functions can be triggered locally or remotely, it is also possible to program the unit to function automatically with a standard protocol.

Day/Night and Thermal cameras have continuous optical and digital zoom. The system provides stable picture in windy conditions with proven methods of stabilization.

Multiple payloads on one pan-tilt system within a separate housing (individually removable to enable service of one payload while the other is still operational):


System schematics
Multisensor systems – long range catalogue
Multisensor systems – medium range catalogue