Project Description


LYNX ANTI-DRONE is a compact air defence solution against drones/UAV’s that was developed and tested for Border protection projects. Radar, long range observation system and high power radio frequency jammer are able to detect, recognize, identify and soft/hard kill flying objects. System is built to operate 24/7 continuously and it can be installed as fixed, portable or mobile solution. Integrated 3D radar works with the latest generation solid state technology electronic scanning 360 x 90 degrees. Thermal camera gives the system long detection, recognition and identification range.

Low light Day/Night HD camera and advanced video tracker provides very good identification range with colour picture even in extremely low light conditions.

Three major subsystems are all connected in one compact solution and managed from our command and control software. Radar covers 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

Various different integration configurations can be used:

  • single mast configuration (all subsystems are one above the other on a single mast)
  • multiple masts (each subsystem uses its own mast – dead zones may occur)
  • spreaded subsystems (each subsystem can be on separate location all together connected in one control center)


System schematics