Project Description


Stationary systems are very useful where a large flat area needs to be monitored.  Such systems are installed for a longer period of time and offer many advantages, like constant monitoring of terrain in practically all weather conditions, the monitoring can be performed on many different locations simultaneously and the video can be on-line transmitted to the command centre.

Stationary systems are very useful in some particular areas like:

  • Borders and perimeters
  • Difficult to access terrains
  • Swampland
  • Flat areas
  • Coast

Stationary systems can operate in combination with radar systems and in combination provide a very versatile detection platform.

Additional features of combined platforms:

  • Automatic motion detection, automatic detection of type of presence.
  • Digital map support
  • Automatic detection of the target position (target coordinates), and transferring of these coordinates to the officers in the field.
  • Easy integration into existing complex systems
  • We have developed our own concept of stationary thermal imaging systems based on specific requirements of end users, which include:
    • Electro-optical head
    • Pan-tilt unit
    • Control room for operators
    • Software
    • Observation – up to 20 km
    • GIS application with ortho-photo image and DMV
    • Radars for land or sea
    • Communication system