Project Description


Crawler – small in size and low in weight it packs a high torque. With its lean high gear-ratio and self locking feature it is able to handle payloads up to 10 kg. Its speed ranges from 0.001 deg/s up to 35 deg/s on both axes achieving positioning accuracy < 0.05 deg. This unit stands out not only performance wise, but it also has integrated an extensive set of features. Equipped with a cutting edge GPS/GNSS receiver it is able to give out units position with positioning error < 1.5 m. This feature combined with also integrated IMU give unit the ability to perform complex target tracking and target acquisition. All algorithms are a part of its standard FW package.

Unit is provided with a full dll library and an example project which enables the user to quickly start using all of unit’s features and implement them in their own software solution.


Product datasheet