Project Description


These vehicles are specially designed for scanning of vehicle license plates, which can be done on either moving or stationary (parked) vehicles. The installation of the system can also be covered to maintain the regular appearance of the vehicle, which helps in many situations when searching for a stolen or suspected vehicle. We offer a wide variety of cameras, recorders and other peripheral equipment with our installation, so as to suit most customer needs and requirements.

The system consists of the mobile unit which includes wireless communication and a database centre. The comparison can be done to the database in the centre or in case of poor communication options; the database can be uploaded to the vehicle. After the system recognizes a marked plate it can send various alarms to the local operator and to the command center.

Special features:

  • Extra low light cameras can be fitted, which are capable of license plate acquisition up to 500m.
  • Integration of various other video analytic algorithms, such as Facial recognition.
  • Encrypted VPN communication with bonding capability bandwidth up to 35 Mbps (expandable to 100)


Mobile surveillance