The current coronavirus crisis has taken the whole world by surprise and it will take a concerted effort from all of us to defeat it. Even after the end of the quarantine measures, critical infrastructure like airports, train stations, schools etc. will need a solution to prevent the virus from spreading again.

The camera can be used to scan an individual by detecting their absolute body temperature, or crowds of more than 25 people simultaneously by scanning them and detecting people with elevated body temperature. The implementation can be either fixed or portable.

Thermal cameras are passive devices that don’t emit any radiation; rather they use infrared radiation emitted from objects (human bodies in this case) to deliver high-resolution images without the need for any additional illumination. The infrared radiation that the camera detects is proportional to the actual temperature of the object (human body) which is why thermal cameras are the perfect tool for this task. The operator only needs a PC with Windows 7, 10 or Pro.

Find out more about our solution in the attached data sheet and contact our sales team on to discuss implementation. We hope that this can be one small step towards defeating the crisis.

System specifications