Pan Tilt units

Ranging from the smallest most compact to heavy duty units, DAT-CON Pan-Tilt systems deliver high performance for payloads up to 120 kg. Gyro stabilization and target tracking modules are available and perform with accuracy better than +-300urad in the most demanding conditions. High power to weight ratio and compact size make them suitable for mobile solutions.

Precise positioning accuracy of 0.2 mrad is maintained even with high speeds up to 120 deg/s. All systems are IP66 compliant and suitable for all land, air and sea applications. Mechanical assembly kit and software package can be fully customized to meet customer specifications.

Units also offer a unique integration of electro – optical sensors and radar with a single telescopic mast to avoid any dead zone in observation area.

DAT-CON pan tilt systems have been in daily use protecting the Schengen border 24/7 for more than 10 years.

Pan Tilt units

  • Tracer

    Simple and efficient is what describes our new pan-tilt unit Tracer. In fully marinized body lies a single powerful motion control diver. It is capable of handling payloads up to 50 kg in full range of motion. Its compact design and low weight make it perfect for integration where space is limited. Multiple slip-ring options make it compatible with most payloads from high frequency antenna applications to Gigabit electro-optical head connections.    

  • Crawler

    Crawler - small in size and low in weight it packs a high torque. With its lean high gear-ratio and self locking feature it is able to handle payloads up to 10 kg. Its speed ranges from 0.001 deg/s up to 35 deg/s on both axes achieving positioning accuracy < 0.05 deg. This unit stands out not only performance wise, but it also has integrated an extensive set of features. 

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  • Blade

    Pan-Tilt Blade unit designed for mobile and stationary observation.

    A unit with a very unique design and high performance characteristics. It has a built in static top, which can carry additional 50 kg of load. This design is used for a top mounted radar with a separate rotator. Two side wing are used for an electro-optical system, which can consist of various sensor options. Also integrated is a military standard IMU and gyro, when the unit is used in demanding environment and needs to be stabilized.

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  • Locator I

    This premium hi-end unit has it all. A perfectly finished machined aluminium body with a classic L shape design useful for various applications. Inside the unit are two high performance drives powered by advance motion control board which results in a vast speed range from 0.001 deg/s up to 125 deg/sec. This covers ultra slow movements of the unit when observing a distant object as well as fast accelerations and movements needed for stabilisation and tracking applications.

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  • Mars

    MARS - designed for heavy loads. 

    This is our biggest and most powerful unit. It is capable of handling payloads up to 120 kg of weight in demanding conditions. It has a self-locking mechanism, so when power loss occurs it stays in position. Absolute encoder system enables the unit to be used without any initialisation procedures.

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  • Mini

    This battle proven pan-tilt unit is a bled of torque, big speed range and compact size. It can handle payloads of up to 15 kg. Various mounting options and supported signals for make it a very versatile unit capable of carrying multiple payloads with demanding interfaces. Because of its simple design and powerful motion control this unit is one of the most cost effective on the market.

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