SOVA Software for Observation

Command and Control software SOVA - is mainly used for Borderand Blue border protection, Coastal observation, Rescue service and Global Security. Different versions of SOVA SW are in daily use on Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia.

SOVA architecture options:

  • One machine (Server/Client)
  • One Server – Multiple remote Clients
  • Multiple Servers – Multiple remote Clients

SOVA Client features:

  • Multiple monitors support
  • Real-time monitoring of all cameras in the system
    • Single picture, picture-in-picture modes
    •  Zoom/Focus synchronization for Day/Night and Thermal cameras
  • Digital Map
    • Multiple layer support
    • Different symbols for target types (Person, Vehicle, etc.)
  • AIS targets
  • Target position and data (observation angle, direction) overlaid on a Map
  • Target tracking
    • Objects on the sea (RIB, small objects, vessels, ships)
    • People tracking
    • Vehicle tracking
    • UAV, helicopter tracking
  • Dynamic camera settings (zoom/focus)
  • OBSP (observation platform) movement control
    • Automatic scan area
    • Automatic camera settings depending on the target distance
    • Automatic/Manual sweeping between at least 16 preset points

Download catalog:

PDF icon SOVA.pdf1.86 MB