BOPAS 2 – Portable Border Patrol System 2

BOPAS 2 is a portable observation system that is being used by various police and military forces across the globe. In 2016 we made mayor updates to the system and made lighter, easier to use and extended its operation time. It consists of Dat-Con hi-end moving platform Crawler, Junction box with advanced power and communication distribution module and a tripod with integrated battery.

New moving platform gives the system unique ability to perform precise targeting tasks. Extended speed range also makes it perfect for automatic scanning. It uses a self-locking drive with high gear ratio which gives it extra torque and enables it to move ultra-slow in a long-range observation application.

Advanced power management and integrated changeable battery system extends its operation time to more than 12h. With the second battery to more than 24 h.


  • Lighter design
  • Lower weight
  • Hi performance pan-tilt
  • Broadband signal pass-through