Mobile Systems

Mobile Systems

  • Off Road Security Vehicles

    These rugged vehicles are used for hard to access areas of a border or area of interest. They can be modified to client specifications for extra off-road capability and versatility. It can be equiped with a standard mobile observation platform or any other special feature needed by the client.

  • Mobile Observation Systems

    Mobile multi sensor observation systems can be used for monitoring smaller and larger areas of land or sea. They offer high mobility and good comfort for the operators, easy upgrading of the system with additional equipment. They are used for border surveillance, perimeter monitoring and other surveillance missions. These vehicles can be connected to a command center and provide a vital component to a complete security/surveillance solution.

  • Special Vehicles for Police Anti-Bomb Unit

    This vehicle was specially designed together with Slovenian Police Bomb Squad. It features all the standard components of a security vehicle such as communication and wireless connectivity plus all high demand capabilities needed by the bomb disposal unit. All the installed equipment and modifications adhere to the strict regulations needed for explosives transport according to ADR EXII. The vehicle also features a control center, from which a bomb disposal robot can be controlled and monitored.

  • ANPR Vehicles

    These vehicles are specially designed for scanning of vehicle license plates, which can be done on either moving or stationary (parked) vehicles. The installation of the system can also be cover to maintain the regular appearance of the vehicle, which helps in many situations when searching for a stolen or suspected vehicle. We offer a wide variety of cameras, recorders and other peripheral equipment with our installation, so as to suit most customer needs and requirements.