Un-Cooled SWIR Thermal Camera DAT-CON ULRT – series

The ULRT-Series are equipped with a highly reliable, long-wave, un-cooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector which offers good long range detection in all weather conditions. There is no maintenance required since there is no cooling device. The cameras offer a continuous zoom. This offers excellent situational awareness while also giving the possibility to zoom in at suspect activities, and have a closer look, once they are detected. The ULRT-series can be integrated into existing networks or used portably.

The optical system was developed specifically for use in surveillance. It features continuous zoom, with a powerfull zoom ratio, autoiris and focus adjustment. The “Picture Stabilization on Demand” enables the camera’s operation on a high tower or unstable platform. The lens design incorporates oilfree, low-friction surfaces with special coatings, high-speed motors with zero back-lash and high-precision feedback potentiometers. This design was chosen with the objective of meeting the highest standards of precision and accuracy and low failure rates. The cameras can be easy aligned in parallel with the optical reference axis of the system. This makes for easy on-site installation. Typical NFOV Boresight Retention bore sighting deviation within a radius of 0.02 mm at the focal plane.

The fog and smoke penetration function is the basic functionality of the thermal camera. Invisibility for day and night cameras is a challenge for thermal cameras. The camera automatically increases visibility under conditions such as fog, haze and smoke from fires.



  • Multiple lens options available
  • Continuous zoom lens available up to 225 mm
  • NTSC and PAL video formats 17 - micron pixel size
  • 640 x 512 uncooled Vanadium Oxide FPA
  • H.264 digital output
  • Pelco D protocol
  • AXIS, BOSCH, Geutebruck compatible
  • ONVIF compliant


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