Dat - Con electrical mast for vehicle integration

April 21, 2016 06:50 PM

Dat - Con electrical mast for vehicle integration

Dat-Con electric masts are specially designed for mobile solutions. Our masts can fit in any kind of SUV or other type of vehicles, trucks and shelters. The mast provides an excellent solution for observation platforms, tracking antennas or other specific equipment used for communications or surveillance. The main features of the mast are stability and long life maintenance free operation. This type of masts requires no guying and can support heavy  top loads. The exact position can be controlled by an encoder and the desired height can be controlled. Manual backup is available for all models.


• Made from corrosion resistant high grade aluminium
• Designed to function in any weather and climate (-32°C to + 70°C)
• Customizable for light or heavy weight payload (60 to 250kg)
• Operated with various input voltages
• Controlled via Ethernet or serial RS232/422/485 communication
• Indicator for extended and retracted position
• Option to measure temporary height to use mast in different height positions
• Supplied with a control board or touch screen with turnkey software
• Used for cameras, radar, antennas, laser range finders...


  • Max load: Depend from the model and goes up to 240 kg
  • Max traveling length: 0.5 m op to 20 m (OEM solutions)
  • Deflection: ≤ 0.25°
  • Max travel speed: 4-8 cm/s
  • Weight: 30 to 120 kg depend from design
  • Material: Aluminium, Stainless Steel
  • No. of segments for side payload: One segment possible
  • No. of segments for top payload: From 2 up to 11 segments for 20m height
  • Protection: IP 66, IEC 529
  • Vibration: 2g, IEC 68-2-6
  • Shock: 25g IEC 68-2-29
  • Wind speed: up to 180 km/h
  • Color: By RAL (some limitations for luxation)

Electrical specifications:

  • Voltage: 10-35 Vdc
  • Pulse Current (at max. load): Up to 40 A (can be controlled )
  • Nominal Current (constant speed): Regular nominal current from 6 up to 12 A
  • Motors: DC motors with permanent magnets
  • Limit Switches: Adjustable to detect home pos. and max extended position
  • Controller: Ethernet, RS 232/422/485 or direct by digital inputs
  • Digital outputs : HOME Down and UPP position, programmable height with presets
  • Operating temperature: -32°C …..+ 70°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C …..+ 70°C
  • EMI/EMC: IEC950
  • Environment protection: Comply with MIL-STD -810