Fixed Systems

Fixed Systems

  • Dat - Con Observation Platforms on Dat-Con masts

    Stationary systems are very useful where a large flat area needs to be monitored.  Such systems are installed for a longer period of time and offer many advantages, like constant monitoring of terrain in practically all weather conditions, the monitoring can be performed on many different locations simultaneously and the video can be on-line transmitted to the command centre.

  • Dat - Con Observation Platforms on high masts

    Dat-Con Observation Platforms with stabilized Pan-Tilt can be mounted on higher towers for long range observation. This is useful when there are no high objects or hills for a smaller mast to be placed upon. With the help of our contractors we manufacture the type of tower best suited for the application up to heights of 50m.

    For this option existing towers can also be used, such as: watchtowers, communication arrays...


  • HOLISTIC - control system for early detection of wildfires

    Solving the problems of wildfires with an integrated approach require efficient solutions, which are not reliable without professional and sufficient expertise. Company Dat- Con has in terms of the pilot project Holistic developed and supplied the equipment for the control system, that offers ensuring of fire safety in nature. Holistic project is an excellent example of good practice and exemplary case not only in Slovenia but also in the international environment.

  • Neptune - naval/coastal security system

    This revolutionary turn-key system, provides unprecedented capabilities for naval security. Combining long range of the high-end pulse compensation radar with a military spec Electro optical head, it is designed to function in the harshest marine environment.

    The system has been designed to provide security for off-shore installations, ports and on-boat installation.

    With many options and customisable features, the Neptune can meet your coastal, off-shore and marine security needs.